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In conversation with community partners, IUPUI students created these projects in the fall of 2018 to engage people in the history of environmental justice in Indianapolis

Stories of Indy Waterways: Headliner

This animated video offers an overview of the environmental hazards in the Fall Creek waterway as well as an explanation of their sources and effects.

by Alexis Davenport

This website traces the history of the Central Canal by exploring themes of environmental justice and urban development and by sharing the memories of longtime resident Rita Orett who grew up in the Ransom Place neighborhood along the canal.


Madison Hincks

This Prezi traces the history of Riverside Amusement Park and the intersections of racism and environmental justice at the site from its founding in 1903 through desegregation battles in the 1950s and 60s, its eventual closing subsequent health hazards, to the present concerns about gentrification.

Abi Lindstedt and Dallas Sims

This Instagram account reveals the history of Sites 0153 through the stories of contributing sites and their impact on those who live in the Riverside neighborhood.

Stories of Indy Waterways: Other Projects

Laura Markley and Dan Will

Using the Storymap platform, this project explores the section of the Central Canal between 16th and 30th Streets, and asks why this area has seen so little investment and attention compared with the sections to the north in Broad Ripple and the south in the downtown.

Jacqueline Rooksberry

This timeline traces the history of Fall Creek and explores the structural racism that has led to dramatic health disparities for the residents.

Stories of Indy Waterways: Projects

Sidney Moore

This website traces the history of Site 0153 with a focus on the contaminants and community perspectives on environmental justice.

Cody Hudson

This project combines “then and now” photography and a walking tour to examine the history of the Kingan meat processing facility and its impact on the White River.


Topher Anderson

Cancer-causing chemicals have been spilled into the groundwater throughout the NW Indy region, being detected and labeled Site 0153 in 2013. But there's so much more to the story... This blog parses through the stories that could be told about the history of Site 0153, cutting them into bite-sized chunks that can be digested at your leisure.

Erin Crowther

Waterways constitute the building blocks of Indiana’s natural infrastructure. From Lake Michigan in the north to the Ohio River in the south, streams, rivers, and lakes have driven the state’s economy, defined its borders, and provided essential resources to generations of Hoosiers. However, since Indiana’s inception into the United States in the early 1800s and the industrial boom that followed, the state’s attention was refocused on advancement, efficiency, and growth, leaving the protection of the waterways relied on by so many behind. This Prezi presentation, formatted as newspaper with stories and pictures, traces the history of Indianapolis’ Combined Sewer system, explores both its impact on communities and asks why it has taken the city so long to develop a solution.

Stories of Indy Waterways: Projects

Kate Sanford

This Prezi traces the history of Fall Creek looking at the efforts to address environmental hazards since the 1970s and the changes in demographics during the period.

Stories of Indy Waterways: Projects
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